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University: expectations vs reality

It’s been exactly five years since I moved to university for the first time, and one year since I moved to a different university to do my Masters. So there wasn’t a more fitting day than this extremely rainy, dull Saturday to write this blog post.

I was inspired to write about this when I saw something on twitter the other day. It was a screenshot from an article on The Independent about the unrealistic and even potentially dangerous expectations we set up for ourselves when we go to university. This really resonated with me and I thought wow, finally somebody has put into words what I’ve felt the two times I’ve moved out to go to uni.

At 18, I went to university only a 25 minute train ride from home. I still decided to move out and stay in student halls because that’s just what everyone does, right? That’s the norm. I thought that being so close to home would help because it wasn’t like I was halfway across the country. Wrong.

In fact, this sort of made it worse. I started thinking …

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