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Taylor Swift at Wembley Stadium, 22nd June 2018

Wow, long time no see! I have been majorly slacking on the blog posts recently, but I have had so much going on with finishing my Master’s degree that blogging was the last thing on my mind. Now I’ve finished my Masters (apart from one more assignment), and last Friday I celebrated in the most amazing possible way by heading to London to see Taylor Swift!

I’ve been a fan of Taylor for around ten years, and the last time I saw her was three years ago and we were right up in the top tier. It was an incredible show but I was super excited this time to actually be able to see her up close!

When I first bought my tickets, we were in the first tier of seating, but a few months ago I managed to upgrade my tickets as they released some of the floor seats at the same price that I had paid, so I went from being in tiered seating to having ninth row seats on the pitch!

When we walked into Wembley Stadium I was truly awe-struck. Walking down the steps I looked around and I was honestly speechless…

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