The concert tag

So I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I've been pretty busy with uni lately but also because I've just had a lack of blog post ideas. But I found this concert tag when searching for inspiration and it looked fun so I decided to give it a go!

1. How many concerts have you been to?
Hmm… actually a hard question because it’s so many now that I’ve literally lost count. It’s definitely over 35, possibly even 40. I just love concerts, okay.

2. Which artist/band have you seen the most live?
I’ve seen One Direction live six times! 

3. First concert you went to?
My first ever concert was Avril Lavigne in 2008 and that was where my concert obsession was born.

4. Last concert you went to?
Paramore in January, which was so amazing and feels like so long ago now!

5. What is your next concert?
I’m seeing Niall Horan again in just over three weeks and I am very very excited!

6. The farthest you’ve travelled to go to a concert?
I haven’t ever really travelled crazily far for a concert, I’ve been to Cardiff, Manchester and London which are all around 2 hours away from where I live.

7. Best opening act you’ve seen?
Definitely the Jonas Brothers who supported Avril Lavigne, that is also where my obsession with them started!

8. Have you met any bands/artists at a concert?
Sadly not.

9. What’s one thing you have to bring to a concert?
My phone, obviously! I try not to use it too much but I do like to take a few pictures and videos here and there to be able to remember the experience.

10. What’s the most you’ve paid for a ticket?
£130 for Taylor Swift tickets for this year… oops. I am not proud. 

11. Best concert you’ve been to?
This is SUCH a hard question, I can never choose because all concerts are amazing for their own reasons! But if I had to pick, the one that comes to my mind straight away is when I saw One Direction in Cardiff in 2015, because I was barrier of my section and that’s the closest I’ve ever been at a show, it was incredible.

12. Have you met any internet friends at a concert?
Yes, loads! It makes me so happy to meet people at shows who I’ve become friends with because of our love for the same band/artist. There’s nothing else like it and I’m so grateful I’ve had that opportunity.

13. Favourite concert venue?
Definitely the Genting Arena in Birmingham because it’s my home venue (the closest one to where I live, anyway) and I just always feel so comfortable and safe there. I’ve been there so many times and it’s literally like my second home.

14. Have you been to multiple dates for one tour?
Yes, I went to two dates on One Direction’s ‘On the Road Again’ tour in 2015.

15. Longest you’ve waited in line for a concert?
When I saw 1D in Cardiff, we waited in line for around 7 hours. I know it doesn’t seem that long compared to what some people do, but it was absolutely freezing! And we still managed to get front row so it was totally worth it.

16. Favourite song you’ve heard live?
Ahhh so many honestly! I always get so hyped when I hear my favourite song by any band/artist live. If I had to choose, it’d definitely be my favourite song of all time, ‘Through the Dark’ by One Direction which I’ve actually heard live more than once as they decided to bless me by putting it on multiple tour setlists. It’s just such an uplifting song and hearing it live made me so happy because that song got me through a lot.

17. Have you ever been to a meet & greet at a concert?
Unfortunately I haven’t.

18. Craziest concert experience?
I have two and they’re both pretty similar. One was when I saw Olly Murs in 2012 and at one point in the show he disappeared from the stage in what we thought was a costume change, but suddenly security guards started lining up right beside us (we were on the end of the row) and Olly came out and sang while going up and down the aisle right next to us! I almost touched him but my arms were too short, how tragic. But it was so unexpected and insane. Second was when I saw Bastille in 2016 and similarly, suddenly Dan the lead singer appeared right next to us in our block and started singing! It was absolutely unbelievable that out of the whole arena he came into our block but it was the most amazing experience ever. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a lot of fun! If you want to give it a go let me know and I'll check out your answers, and I'd love if you left me a comment letting me know what you think, I always love hearing from you guys.

As always thank you so much for reading, x


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