Spring playlist

Hi everyone! Spring is probably my second favourite season (after Autumn), because everything just looks so pretty. There’s so many blossom trees blooming and daffodils springing up on almost every patch of grass, and even though in England there’s no guarantee that the weather’s going to be any better, everything just seems brighter and more alive.

I’ve been struggling for ideas recently, and feeling a little down in the dumps about my blog in general because I read all these other blogs and their photos are perfect, they upload sometimes multiple times a week and get tons of comments on all their posts. I know I shouldn’t compare, but recently I’ve barely had enough ideas to post every fortnight, and when I do get around to publishing a post it gets barely any reads and zero comments. But then I think about why I started this blog in the first place, and it was never to get loads of followers. It was simply to be able to write about what I love. So I’ll just keep telling myself that view counts aren’t what it’s all about, as long as I enjoy what I write that’s all that matters.

Sorry about that bit of a tangent but I just thought I’d explain why I’ve been posting less regularly recently. There’s lots of exciting music related things coming up this month, like Harry Styles’ album (OMG TOTALLY NOT FREAKING OUT) and I’m seeing Ariana Grande, so look out for posts about those!

Anyway, on with the playlist. It’s been a while since I’ve put one of these together and people usually seem to enjoy them so I’ve compiled some of my favourite springtime tunes for you guys.

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

Wow, predictable much? By now you should know how much I love Harry. If not, check out my last post. Anyway, ‘Sign of the Times’ is my favourite song at the moment, I love it so much and obviously it had to be first on my playlist.

Skin – Rag n Bone Man

I absolutely adore this song, it’s just so powerful and epic and it’s definitely one that I could never get tired of no matter how many times I hear it.

Green Light – Lorde

Ah where did Lorde disappear to for like 3 years? Well I’m glad she’s back with this awesome new tune. It’s so upbeat compared to most of her other songs which is perfect for the Spring season, I feel like this is a great song to blast in the car with the windows down as you sing along, haha.

Ciao Adios – Anne Marie

I know how much I complain about overplayed songs. I purposely don’t include them in my playlists usually because I hear them so much on the radio, why would I choose to listen to them out of my own choice? This song is an exception to my rule because for some reason, no matter how many times I hear it played on the radio, I LOVE IT. I don’t know what it is, it has the makings of a generic overplayed song that I’d usually get sick of and end up hating. But I just can’t hate this song. I love it. I dance and sing along every time I hear it and it makes me happy. I know, weird.

I Feel you in my Bones – Liteyears

There’s a high chance you’ve never heard of this song or the band who sing it, because I hadn’t until about last week. I heard this song at work in the past few weeks and I loved it so much, so I spent about half an hour googling random lyrics I could remember in the hope that I’d actually find it. Finally after a lot of frustrated searching, I found it! And I’m so glad I did because I love this song so much, it’s so cute and I’m very grateful to the shop I work at for deciding to add it to their playlist so it could make its way onto mine.

Believer – Imagine Dragons

I love Imagine Dragons so much and their most recent single definitely doesn’t disappoint! This song is just so good, I love singing along to it and it’s guaranteed to be in my head for the rest of the day when I hear it, but in a totally good way!

Chained to the Rhythm – Katy Perry

Again, this is another song that I should be sick of by the amount I hear it on the radio, but I LOVE it. It’s just so catchy and boppy, it just makes me happy.

Heatstroke – Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande

Do you think this song has enough featured artists?! Haha. This is such an upbeat, summery song and I know it’s not summer yet but this song definitely helps to get me in the mood for (hopefully) sunnier, warmer days.

Touch – Little Mix

I am genuinely so obsessed with this song. No matter how many times I hear it, it just makes me want to dance around and sing along every time (which I usually do, no matter where I am at that moment). I love Little Mix and this is definitely one of my favourite singles they’ve ever released, it’s such a jam!

Hello Hello – Fickle Friends

I’d never really heard of Fickle Friends but I heard this song on Radio 1 the other day and I love it so much! It’s got quite a unique sound and it’s quite quirky and fun, and I also feel like it’s a song that would sound good in the sunshine!

Cold – Maroon 5

Are Maroon 5 capable of making a bad song? I don’t think so. This song is so catchy and I love it so much.

Back Around – Olly Murs

Gotta have a bit of Olly on my playlist, haven’t I? His upbeat songs just suit the Spring and Summer months so well, and this is one of my favourites off the album, it makes me happy.

This Must be my Dream – The 1975

Not a recent song, but I feel like this one suits Springtime so much because it’s so chilled and soft, it reminds me of my final months of uni this time last year because I used to listen to it all the time on the train there, so it’s kind of got a bittersweet memory attached to it for me but that’s why I love it so much.

What Do I Know? – Ed Sheeran

This is my absolute favourite song from Ed’s new album, which you’ll know if you read my review of it. I just adore its message and I feel like it’s saying something really important especially given the political climate at the moment. It makes me happy and gives me hope that maybe someday love will win.

Something Just Like This – Chainsmokers and Coldplay

At first I really wasn’t sure about this song. I just thought it was a bit meh, for want of a better word. But the more I’ve heard it, the more I’ve grown to love it and I think it’s a great Springtime/Summer tune.

So, there you have it, the songs I’m loving this Spring! You can listen to the playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/clarelxuise/playlist/0IGZpFrzLR3Dhsj1iSwXwm , hope you enjoy it!

What did you think of my playlist? What songs are you loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

Once again thank you so much for reading, x


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