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I’ve seen a few of the blogs I follow do Q & A posts and it seemed like a fun thing to do so I decided to do my own musical themed one. Thank you to those people who sent me questions otherwise this post wouldn’t exist...! Hope you all enjoy this post as it’s more interactive and you can learn a little more about me and the kinds of music I like and dislike.

Who are your favourite artists?

I have quite a lot! One direction, Olly Murs, Taylor Swift, Lawson, Ariana Grande, The 1975, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran among many more!

Which artists have inspired you the most?

As I mentioned in my last post, Taylor Swift has been my role model since I was about 14, she is just so empowering and charitable and just a genuinely amazing and caring person so she definitely inspires me a lot. Also of course One Direction, they are just great guys and are a very big part of my life, they inspire me to never give up (cringey as it sounds) and that there will always be something good around the corner if you want it enough and work hard for it.

Who is your favourite artist to see live?

I’m going to have to say One Direction again, because I’ve seen them live 6 times and every time their concerts just give me the most amazing feeling, I feel like I belong in that crowd of people who have as much love for those guys as I do.

Who was your first concert?

Avril Lavigne in 2008. I loved her growing up and she’s also another person I looked up to, so it was absolutely a dream come true for my 13 year old self to see her live!

If you made music, what artist would you most sound like?

That’s a hard one since I’m pretty bad at singing! I always imagined myself being like Avril Lavigne when I was younger, so to sound like her would be pretty fab.

What artist deserves more recognition?

Lawson, 100%! As I said in my post about their concert, I really don’t understand why they’re so underrated.

What genre do you listen to that people might not expect you to listen to?

I will pretty much listen to anything apart from heavy metal, dance music and anything with rapping in it. But I do like a lot of older music because my dad listens to a lot of it, so I like ELO (you may know their song Mr Blue Sky) which is like electronic 80’s style, which probably not many other people my age would listen to!

If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, which would it be?

So predictable, but probably ‘Made in the AM’ by One Direction, since I pretty much listen to that every day anyway so I really couldn’t live without it.

What is the theme song to your life?

This is a tough one! I’d have to pick ‘Long Live’ by Taylor Swift. It’s not a very well-known song but it’s one of my favourites of all time, I love the empowering message in it and it’s such a feel good song, so I guess I’d love it if that played as the theme song to a movie or TV show about my life!

What artist(s) do you think are overrated?

Some people are going to hate me for this! First is Justin Bieber, I just hear him everywhere and I’m so sick of it! Sorry to any Bieber fans, I just can’t seem to like him no matter how many people around me do. Also, I’m sorry to say it but Beyonce, I don’t have anything against her but I just don’t think her songs are that amazing considering all the hype around her. Same for Rihanna and Kanye West, I just find him utterly unbearable! Sorry to anyone who are fans of these people, they’re just not for me!

Favourite album?

At the moment, I’m loving the 1975’s new album and obviously ‘Made in the AM’.

What song would you listen to if you could only listen to one for the rest of your life?

Another tough one! But probably ‘Through the Dark’ by One Direction, just because that is my ultimate favourite song by them and it makes me smile every time I hear it.

So there you have it, my answers to lots of things musical. Hope you all enjoyed it and thank you again to those who sent me questions! If you want to ask me anything else don’t hesitate to comment J


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